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Population we serve

We serve at-risk youth ages 12 to 24 living in Los Angeles’ toughest neighborhoods. We serve a diverse mix of majority BIPOC mentees, including many in the LGBTQ+ community, foster youth, and those who are system-involved. Most of our young people live in Los Angeles’ Service Planning Area (SPA) 6. Numerous risk factors have been identified here, all of which are known to contribute to educational failure, delinquency, gangs, violence, poor social skills, and weak interpersonal relationships. Our youth consistently show up, overcoming it all.

Replicating success

Youth Mentoring Connection created a framework that can be replicated and scaled in order to reproduce the results on a consistent basis. First, we create an “instant community” of mentors and mentees that meet together on a regular basis. The path mentors and mentees travel together in our program is patterned after Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey”. We then systematized the approach to guide staff in creating and supporting the process.

Results That Matter

Year after year, we witness our mentees improve in several vital areas: school performance; graduation rates; aspirations for higher education, personal and vocational goals; social and interpersonal relationships with peers and adults; ability to refrain from risk-taking behaviors such as gang involvement, substance abuse, promiscuity, truancy, and criminal activities; sense of belonging and understanding that the greater community cares; and maximizing their true potential to become responsible, self-sufficient and productive adults.

We are so proud of our youth – the results speak for themselves…

Ymc in Singapore

We couldn’t have been more proud when the Minister of Social and Family Development, Nancy Ng approached Tony and invited him to come to Singapore and train the country in our Gift Centered Approach to mentoring. We had already entertained delegations from China, Jamaica, Macau and Peru where our model had been replicated.

Tony presented three workshops: two on Youth Mentoring’s Gift Centered Approach to mentoring youth, and one on the Powerful Combination of Initiation Rites and Mentoring.  He then conducted two full day trainings for practitioners and mentors in the days following the conference. Tony & Juliana (Hoolie) continue to conduct virtual trainings today as the YMC model spreads throughout the country…

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